What Is My Face Shape

I touched very briefly on hairstyles for face shapes and gave pretty vague answers to it. Well I wanted to go back to this and talk about face shapes some more and a way for you to identify your face shape and then I’ll talk more about what hairstyles fit these shapes.

So first thing you should do is head over and pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun – then look in the mirror. Now read along so you can figure out your face shape. Please not that you may find that you are a mixture of both and that is absolutely normal!

face shapes

Image credit: wigsalon.com


1. Oval Face

And oval face has no dominant areas. It’s considered harmonious because the sections of the face are equal proportions to one another.


2. Round Face

Obviously round – circular. If you have a round face it will look more short and wide. You’ll have a short chin and rounded jaw line. Your hairline will also be rounded.


3. Square Face

Again the names are keeping it very obvious for understanding the face shape. You are going to have a more angular look with straight lines. Your hairline and jaw line are going to be horizontal and your cheek bones will protrude very little. Your jaw will be the most dominant.


While the image above of the different face shapes make it a bit harder to try to match to your own, using the guidelines I just gave you and that image – you should be able to get a general idea of what to look for!

Up next will be the hair do’s and don’t(s) for each face shape! So keep an eye out! And don’t forget to check out all the great Christmas Beauty Goodies I have going on — there is plenty more coming your way, as well as maybe some tasty Thanksgiving recipes too!


4. Oblong Face

An oblong face shape is long, narrow and will also look angular. Your jaw line will be wide and horizontal. Your hairline, opposite of the square face shape, is going to curve only slightly.


5. Pear Face

A pear shaped face will have a forehead that is narrow and your jaw will be the widest portion of your face. Looking at your face from hairline to chin, your hairline will be curved but not as wide set as your jaw line.


6. Diamond Face

A diamond face shape is elongated and will also look angular. The dominant are of this face shape is at your cheekbones. It is very similar to an oval face but with a bit of contrast – narrow forehead and chin.


7. Heart Face

The heart shaped face, again, angular look but is also long. Your chin will look a bit elongated and pointed (not sharpy, pencil tip pointed – but you get what I mean). Your forehead will be wider then the chin and your hairline will look a bit horizontal.


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