Fabulous Fake Lashes

Most days I spend a good hour or two (yes that long) sitting in front of my mirror getting all prettied up. I like to take my time and make my makeup look fantastic. If I mess up, well I will start all over. And it doesn’t matter who or what you are — sometimes you slip and that perfect line from eyeliner becomes more like a S – Curve instead of a line of the lashes.

But there are days when I have a big event, a party or I just want to look over the top that I need to step up my looks just a bit more. So what do I do? Well I go over the top and start with things like false eyelashes.

False lashes (Fake eyelashes) are great for Halloween and they are fantastic to vamp up your style and look fabulous. They are not just a statement accessory when it comes to your makeup – they are often a necessity (do you have a photo shoot planned?).

So I thought I would do a quick roundup up the most fabulous fake lashes around!

eyes and eyelashes


1. Make Up Forever

Make Up Forever has a wide assortment of false lashes that will keep you browsing for hours. For the pro at applying fake lashes (or maybe you just want a fuller lash look) – they have single lashesArtistic False Lashes for those wanting to be creative, unique and show off your artistic side.  Or my favorite, the Fashion False Lashes. But trust me, they have more and you will definitely have a high chance of finding exactly what you want.



Go for bold, unique, creative and amazing with PAPERSELF false lashes. They have a great assortment of choices that are sure to inspire you and take your look over the top.


3. Laura Mercier

While Laura Mercier only has three choices of faux eyelashes, they doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing. The three choices are great for those just wanting to vamp up their everyday look or get a complete look by filling in their lashes.


4. Urban Decay

Like Laura Mercier, Urban Decay doesn’t have a gigantic choice of fake lashes. But what they do have is a selection of shades within those to make you swoon. So you really do have a lot of choices and you are bound to find something to take your look over the top or complete the look you are dying to have.


5. Illamasqua (exclusive at Sephora.com)

Illamasqua fake lashes are found at Sephora.com and they have a fantastic selection of fabulous lashes. Go for romantic or go for dramatic with these false lashes!


6. LA Splash Cosmetics

LA Splash Cosmetics has a selection of fake lashes that will easily make your heart skip a beat. Hollywood, City Walk, Night Life and Clubbing. And while the names seem to give you the idea of when you should wear them, you’d be wrong. They are versatile and perfect for your next amazing look.


7. NYX Cosmetics

NYX False lashes just might leave you shopping for hours on end. They have a vast (and I mean VAST) selection of lashes that I can guarantee you’ll find the ones that are perfect for you.  You can spend your time coveting all their Fabulous Lashes or channel your inner diva and dive into their Special Effects Lashes.


8. Ardell Lashes

And if none of those work — be prepared to not step away from the computer for hours and head to Ardell Lashes. There is no doubt you will find the perfect lashes you want and they have broken it down on their site so you can easily go for what you need.


Think I missed one .. share with me what fake lashes are just fabulous for you!