Death Of The English Language

Nowadays everyone and their brother has a cell phone. Including children and teenagers. Nowadays everyone and their brother uses texting as a way to communicate with everyone else and their brother. Including children and teenagers.

Social media is around now too. You only get 140 words on Twitter to actually say what you have to say. So that means cutting your sentences short or using “text speak”.

It’s also hard when blogging, talking on Facebook, forums or the likes to type exactly how a conversation went or what you think. So it has become easier to use “text speak” when responding etc.

There is the problem.



It is the death of the English language as we know it. No longer are capital letters, punctuation marks and correct spelling a thought. When you want to get your point across you often see people typing in all capitals with no punctuation at all. Kids think it’s cool to leave messages such as, “c u l8r bff”. Or my favorite is when they omit letters, turning don’t into dnt. Really. That O was so hard to type in that sentence?

Now don’t get me wrong, I type LOL into my blog posts all the time. Or I use HaHa. It’s not proper English and I am butchering it too. It’s just much harder to emphasize the humor in my story that is coming from my mind. And all to often I laugh at things most wouldn’t find funny, so I try to emphasize my own humor.

But I try.

I try to at least take the, approximately one second, to type the letter O in the word don’t.

I get it. I get that twitter gives you 140 characters. I get that you only get a certain amount of characters in a text message. I understand that. But if you are say, leaving a comment on a blog – can you at least take the time to form a full sentence with all the vowels? It seems a bit lazy otherwise. If you are that lazy to type out the letter O, why don’t you attempt talking like that for a day. When you talk to someone you are not allowed to say the letter O at all. See how stupid you look then. OK?

Alas as we go farther and farther into the future with the ever advancing technology, I have this fear; dread. The English language will just die out. And we will soon all be talking like neanderthals.


Guess wll just have 2 c hw it trns out?


  1. Reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    When they leave vowels out they are basically using notehand. I actually took a class in high school called notehand, it was a class to take instead of shorthand. It was to help
    kids learn how to take written notes faster in college courses, so they could get ahead.
    Especially if they had a professor that wouldn’t allow people to tape the college class.
    So basically they are doing a type of notehand. Does that mean it will be the end of the
    English language? Probably not. I think there is a bigger threat to the English language
    that is Spanglish. Anyways in my community it is.
    I do often use congrats instead of spelling the word out. Yet, I truly think most people
    know what it means in this shorter version.

  3. OMG idk wt u r tlking abt! Just kidding it is a shame isn’t it? I am guilt of it thanks to a High School short hand class. I always take notes using mainly heard sounds.

  4. You are right! I do know I am guilty of the same thing though.

  5. I am guilty of some of this, and I use LOL to indicate that something is supposed to be funny since sarcasm doesn’t convey in type. BUT, I’ve seen kids write papers for school using text speak, and that is just wrong on so many levels.