The Thing About Moving

Is there is so much to it. If you read my post about you me you know that we’ve moved a lot. Like I said, we don’t call ourselves a wandering family for the fun of it. We are nomads, gypsies. Whatever you wanna call us.

First there is finding a house. Obviously. And with moving to places like Texas it’s a daunting task. Texas is huge. Ginormous. Tons of big cities, small towns and everything in between. There are towns that are nothing more than a gas station and stop sign. But it’s a town. So sorting through place after place to find “home” could cause an aneurysm.

Then there is the packing. Boxes after boxes after boxes. Washing. Sorting. Taping. Stacking.

Then you need to figure out what needs to be shut off. Water. Lights.

Then you need to make sure you have the address so last bills can be forwarded on.

Then there is the turning everything on prior to moving in. Have you ever attempted moving in the dark? Oh, I have. It was I believe June or July maybe in Texas. No lights = no air. It was East Texas. Which = hot and humid. So there we (my brother in law, niece and me) packing up a U-Haul dying. That move I left my towels, my mixer and a bunch of other stuff. It was quite ridiculous.

But like I said there are some companies that help make the move that much easier. If you have moved recently – what have you found to make your move easier?