Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

It does not matter what you are doing, when you are (or who, why etc) – stress just hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s often times an accumulation of things and then add to it worry, frustration and other emotions and it’s unbearable. I have to remind myself that there are something’s you just need to stop thinking about. Which I know what every single one of you are saying – the same thing I am – easier said then done.



So here I am, miss note taker, I started writing down and also mentally taking notes, of the things that keep my mind busy. And keep my mind busy in a good way. That when I am done, after, I am feeling like a million bucks and better then ever. The things that keep me stress free may not be the same things that keep you stress free, so you need to (become a note taker like me) and find those things. One absolute thing I know works is doing mindless tasks. Coloring. Playing computer games. Reading. Things that don’t require over processing thoughts or can help you escape from your surroundings.

Either way, here are the things that help me to reduce stress and they are super easy.


Go outside and pet your animal(s). Don’t go out there and tend to them. Just spend some time with them. The best part about your animals is while they need to be fed and tended to, all they really want is your attention (devotion, friendship, love) and not much else. They love you. They don’t complain about cooking, cleaning, bills or much else. It’s that unconditional love that while you are out their running your fingers along their fur you will feel that love and everything else will wash away. And when you cry, they just look at you with this look that is easily mistaken for understanding. It’s the perfect, sure fire way to reduce the stress.


Workout. You don’t have to go to the gym or put in some DVD that makes you feel creepy and uncomfortable while you are sweating away the calories. Go check out my 30 minute workout and do something like that. It allows you to throw all that frustration into something. Every time your foot pounds into the great is a way to pump you up, to scream curses words without really having to do it. Crunch away the stress and into six pack heaven. If you can go for a walk or go walk around outside in the yard.


Do your hair and makeup. These two things are what I claim as my own natural medicine. I love to pick and chose colors, hairstyles and see the finished product. If you do it after a workout, its even better. You are on this high from burning away the fat and now you are glamming yourself up. You are devoting your mind and time to nothing else but you. It’s an amazing feeling.


Turn on the music and dance. Just do it. Blare the music, dance and sing at the top of your lungs. It’s fun, can be funny and it feels good.


Go window shopping. I know it sounds funny and you think that you will be irritated that you can’t buy something but that’s not true. My favorite thing in the world is to find things I want so badly. It gives me something to work towards and reminds me to keep pushing through. Forget the stress, it’s an ant hill…I have my eye on the prize.


And then, just breathe. Lock yourself inside the bathroom (closet, barn or car) and close your eyes. Breathe. Remind yourself that it’s going to get better. That you are amazing.

If you don’t believe me, then believe Scarlett O’Hara, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”