Easy Summer Skin Moisturizing Tip

I am not going to say that this tip is for your face at all. I’m sure you could absolutely do it for your face, but you will need to do it sparingly. Some experts say that doing this on your face can help, I have tried and unfortunately it only made me break out worse.

When summer hits or even winter, you’ll notice that your skin becomes drier. Or maybe you are lucky and it doesn’t. Mine does. I spend a great deal of time outside, swimming, in the lake etc and as soon as I get out my skin is screaming for hydration. The most obvious tip is to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. I’ll have a little trick with water later, but in the mean time – let’s talk moisturizing.

Besides always keeping myself covered in lotion, I have found that my daily showers prove to actually help in the skin moisturizing department. What you want to do when you are done showering, as in about to turn off the water, grab some baby oil. Cover your body from right below your neck and down to your toes. I like to be generous with it on the places I am noticeably drier.

Now don’t just go stepping out of the shower. You’ll feel like a hot, oily mess. Turn that shower down to a cooler temperature and rinse off lightly. Do not rub the oil off. You should have rubbed the oil in prior. Now you are kind of just rinsing the excess off.

When you are completely done use your town to kind of pat dry and wipe down any places you do feel excessively oily. I’ve noticed that certain areas seem to also build up more than I thought I applied.

Next thing I do is apply a strong moisturizer to my feet and elbows on top of the oil. These steps help to keep my skin moisturized throughout the summer and of course – smelling pretty too!

Here are a few baby oils (and skin oils) plus the strong moisturizer I recommend.

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organic bath and body oil

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