Easy To Do Halloween Makeup

Believe it or not, applying makeup is actually very easy to do. One of the most important things to remember though is that you can’t be afraid to layer it on. Whether you are going to a party or just going around the neighborhood for candy – a light layer of makeup is not going to last. It’s unfortunate but it’s one of the best things about Halloween is the chance to let creativity reign and your fear of looking unnatural take the bench.

So I am going to hopefully cover some of the most popular looks for Halloween and if you have a question shoot it over and I can get another post up before Halloween hits! So here we go:

christina aguilera moulin rouge1. Use Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Red all over the eyes and spread lightly (like above) around the eyes – for the faded look.

2. Use Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel in Jet Black to line under the eyes, along the inner eye lash line, above eye lash line (upper) and on the upper lid under the crease.

3. Grab the red from Bite High Pigment Pencil Trio and give your lips a HUGE coat of it. Use any clear gloss on the lower lip, starting from the center to get that shine.

4. A nice bronzer under the cheek bone will give you the definition like she does.

5. Coat your lower lashes (and I mean coat) with mascara then for the upper lashes apply false lashes.

6. Get face jewels from Make Up For Ever to apply around the eyes and on the eyes.

pinup makeup


1. You are going to want to use a matte foundation and powder. Lots of it, but matte base makeup is best for all pin-up looks.

2. Use an eyebrow pencil to define and darken the brows. Don’t overload, but  you want definition.

3. A makeup palette is usually great to have and you will want to use a soft brown or maybe a mauve color to fill in the lower lid and slightly above the crease. Again only for definition.

4. Next is the liner. MAC cosmetics has a great liquid liner in black. You want to do a prominent line from the (upper lids) inner corner of your eye and when you reach the end swoop out and up.

5. Do not apply any makeup to the lower part of your eye and I advise using false lashes for the upper eye lashes.

6. A soft pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and under the cheek bones is in order.

7. And of course coat your lips in a lovely red lipstick.

goddess makeup

1. Coat your eyelids going slightly above the crease with a copper colored shadow.

2. Line your upper eye lash line down into the inner and outer corners, then going on the inner lash line (above lower lashes).

3. You can use false lashes or coat heavily the upper eyelashes only.

4. Use bronzer on your cheeks. (This one has a great bronzed shimmer)

5. Use a gold metallic powder and clear lip gloss to get those golden puckers.

pam true blood

1. Go with a lighter base makeup to get the whole undead look.

2. Line your upper lash line going into the inner corner, then going on the inner lash line (lower eye) and meet in outer corner. It should look like you never stopped – all connected.

3. Give your upper eyelid going to the crease a sweep of a dark grey or light black shadow.

4. Using a black shadow dust the eyelid crease from inner to outer corner.

5. Use a nude or neutral eyeshadow apply it the center of the eyelid. (No larger then your pinky). This is going to give a highlighted look.

6. Use the same dark grey shadow to sweep the lower outer corner of your eyes.

7. Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes – go heavy but not overloaded.

8. Finally use a nude lipstick on your lips.

(If you like you can add a red or coral shadow to only the apples of your cheeks to get a flushed look).

kate middleton makeup

1. Again use an eyebrow pencil for a bit of definition.

2. Sweep under your cheeks with a blush (This one is a berry with gold shimmer).

3. Use a soft pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to highlight them.

4. This eyeshadow palette will work perfect for the eyes. Use the dark silver on the lids up to the crease and then use the black (not too heavily) to sweep above it.

5. Line your upper and lower lash line. On the lower do not go above the lash line. Keep the liner connected all around the eyes.

6. Use a clear mascara on your lower lashes and give the upper lashes a healthy coat with black mascara.

7. A nice pale or soft pink lipstick can complete this look.

See easy to do! And if check out this great Day Of The Dead Video Makeup Tutorial!

Got any makeup looks you need help with? Let me know and I would love to see what I can do! And be sure to check out all things Halloween.