Easy Family Vacations or Staycations

I got a press release in my email this morning and normally I browse them over and see if it something that I can relate to so that I can share it with you. Often times I put it in a folder in my email to read over at a later date. Things usually change or come up and I like to have something to fall back on, so to speak, or even reference when those times arise. Either way this press release is about family travel and vacations.

It is the hardest thing for Brent and I to do, travel. At least all together as a family. We usually go on one big trip a year and we have to plan a year in advance for it. Otherwise it’s me traveling alone with the kids or him of course traveling for work. If I do travel with the kids alone it’s usually to families but often times I want to do a stay-cation here in Arizona during their breaks. It’s easier on me and we usually only have a allotted amount of time for it. But a hold up with that, is finding a place that the kids will enjoy and that I can enjoy watching them.

So this email informed me of something that the Preferred Hotel Group has come up with – Preferred Family. Let me grab some information directly from the press release;

Just in time for summer travel planning, Preferred Hotel Group™ is proud to introduce “Preferred Family,” a certified collection of hotels and resorts that go beyond family-friendly. Preferred Family enables parents to evaluate a hotel based on specific age groups, services and offerings and match it against their family’s own needs and interests, from planning a beachside getaway to exploring a new city.

The new Preferred Family program uniquely qualifies hotels based on a list of comprehensive criteria, which includes offerings for children up to 17 years old. To be eligible for the Preferred Family certification program, hotels must meet exclusive criteria in each of the five specific age categories based on hotel amenities, facilities, programs, services, and entertainment. From tots to teens, Preferred Family is divided into the following age groups:

• 0-2-years old: Infants and Toddlers
• 3-4-years old: Preschoolers
• 5-8-years old: School-Age Children
• 9-12-years old: Pre-Teens
• 13-17-years old: Teens

“Family travel is growing worldwide, and not just to destinations one would typically associate with a family holiday,” said Lindsey Ueberroth, president of Preferred Hotel Group. “Today’s families are traveling to every corner of the world, from city centers to resorts and even exotic destinations. Motivated by a sense of togetherness and a desire for personal enrichment, parents are pursuing travel experiences that are adventurous, educational, and fun for the whole family. Preferred Family cuts through the ordinary, cookie-cutter family offerings and provides the necessary tools to choose a hotel or resort that will exceed family-friendly expectations, promising experiences that will become everlasting memories.”

Right away I went to the Preferred Family site to check it out.

preferred family

When I browsed “collection” – locations – I saw on the top of the US list, Arizona and a resort participating. I have to say that I like this site and the idea behind it. I see myself using it quite a bit during the kids spring and fall breaks for a way for us to take a break from out typical four walls here but not have to drive a million miles to do it.

So check it out. They didn’t pay me or bribe me to share this. I just thought it was definitely something worth sharing. Especially if you are like me and my family.