Dr. Seuss

This week coming up my darling Brodie is off to the doctor’s once again. It started off as a little sore throat, sniffling nose and has escalated into Dr’s appts and loads of medication. We pulled up the carpet in her room and are going to lay down something else in hopes of that helping it. I daily disinfect everything she owns in her room and am constantly washing sheets etc. But her tonsils are humongous, and she always looks like she is sleep deprived. We went to our family doc here in town and they referred us to a ENT. (who is awesome and is just like Dr. Seuss) But we have her on antibiotics (which are pricey), Rhinocort (which is semi decently priced) and $200 Singulair. But thank goodness for insurance!!!!!! So we are back off to the doc again this Wed. to see what he says. Hopefully she’ll be doing better and no surgery for her!!!! Wish her luck!


  1. suchsimplepleasures says:

    does you little one keep getting strep throat? my daughter did…every 2 weeks. until she was 6 and finally i had her tonsils removed. this past week was, pretty much, the first time she has been sick since…and she’s 10 now!! my youngest son had constant throat infections as well. his tonsils were taken out when he was 2.5. the BEST…and worse…thing ever! no more throat infections though!!
    hope all goes well with the meds!