Dewy Healthy Summer Glow

This is a actually part one of my Spring Trend report that I gathered from Fashion Week. One of the things I happened to jot down throughout all my notes was “fresh”.  The dewy healthy summer glow was playing a major part in all the styles throughout each show. There was pops of colors, soft full eyebrows and focus on one part {eyes or lips} but the all around look was started with the skin. We’ll get into the spring makeup and hair trends as we go along even more but let’s talk about this dewy healthy summer glow that is going to be all the rage.

dewy glow runway skin

So how do we achieve this dewy healthy summer glow that is being adorned on the runway?

As a quick reminder though, the key words are HEALTHY so before applying any makeup and going outside remember to use a great SPF lotion {Australian Gold has a great sheer coverage to check out!}.

Let’s start with bronzer. I talked about bronzer and it’s uses for contouring and highlighting. If you are going to use it, apply it to your temples, cheek bones and jaw line. Remember to sweep OUT towards your hairline etc. If you chose not to, go with something like a self tanner {Australian Gold Self Tanning Lotion} is a good place to start.

Now add a sweep of color to those cheeks ton help the bronzer with highlighting. You are going to want a soft pink or coral color and apply to the apples of the cheek or blend it into the bronzed area.

Next is the eyes. It may sound silly but it’s what you do, grab some Fabulips Softening Lip Balm and apply it to your eyelids. Go only a bit over the crease. Then add a light shade of eyeshadow or eye highlighter under your brow line. Next you want to grab a gold eyeshadow Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow and apply it on your upper lash line. Also apply it to the inner and outer corners of your eyes.  Top it off with a light sweep of brown mascara.

Move to your eyebrows. Fill them in an eyebrow pencil. Be sure to get under and in the arch. Use an eyebrow brush to brush and soften them.

Finally is the lips, apply Color Sensational Lipstain to the center of both lips. Then top it off with Shine Sensational Lip Gloss.


Keep an eye out for more runway trends and style and be sure to read up what I’ve already covered!



  1. Oh my, how come I have never heard of Ulta before? It seems a lot cheaper than Sephora!!!


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