Dermagist Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin

We are going to start with the usual preface for posts titled with a product(s) name: I was sent this product in return, I promised a post (review) on this product. I will also state that I do NOT have before and after pictures and just because I get a product for “free” doesn’t mean I’m going to give you a pretty song and dance, wrap it in a bow and promise you miracles. Do your research before buying products.

Now upward and onward.

I have terrible skin.  When my mom got pregnant with me, the DNA was running low.  Or at least that’s what I tell people. My family is made up of tall long legged humans. I am 5’4″. They all have amazing skin. I don’t. They all are pretty financially savvy. I am a whole other blog post about what not to do with money. But this is about skin. I’m 29 and have newly turned teen’s skin.

I have tried everything when it comes to acne. Everything. I go to beauty school with skin therapists. The educators at my school in skin therapy have even offered various routes to try and things to try to help me in my ‘having nice skin” journey.

I finally decided to stick to something for about two months straight. I wash my face night and day with the Detoxifying Cleanser from the Dermagist Acne System. I apply the Clarifying Cream. If it is a school day, I then add my moisturizer, primer and then makeup. Which I only am use Bare Minerals at the moment.

All of these could contribute to my skin being nice lately – or it could be that Dermagist products are working.  I have had several classmates tell me just how good my skin looks. They’ve asked me what I’ve used. Even now, when I’m on my period – I am surprised that I have not broken out like I normally do. When my period hits about this time, my skin is a total nightmare. And I never feel ready to dispense beauty advice. But honestly, I think I had 2 noticeable pimples pop up last week prior and that’s it.

Again, this could be an accumulation of things. That I’m less stressed. That I’m using a primer. That I’m washing twice a day. That I’m moisturizing. Or it could be as simple as the product that I figured wouldn’t work – actually is working.

acne treatment system

The Dermagist Clarifying System is not a foo-foo product. It doesn’t have a bad smell but it’s not a florally fragrance either. I like that. I want something packing a punch, not flowers and fragrance. Beauty is pain people.

Dermagist touts, “It targets the causes of acne-prone skin, but without the possible side effects of many common solutions. Plus, Resveratrol is a world renowned anti oxidant with tremendous age-defying benefits. So, the Dermagist Clarifying system aims to benefit the causes of acne-prone skin, calms and soothes the skin, PLUS has tremendous age defying benefits. Quite a one-two punch.”

Does it calm? Yes. I have sensitive skin for the most part. This product did not cause any reactions whatsoever.

Rapidly soothes and diminishes the look of Blemishes and Redness with Resveratrol, Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Aloe and Chamomile.

Are these ingredients really good for your skin? Well yes. Aloe, for obvious reasons. I have some plants in my backyard that we use frequently for sunburns during the summer. Glycolic Acid?  Once applied, glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the stratum corneum to be exfoliated, exposing live skin cells. Highly purified grades of glycolic acid are commercially available for personal care applications. Does that sound scary to you? It’s not. It’s saying that it’s getting rid of those dead skin cells (which combined with your sebum creates — yes, yes, breakouts). And yes I know what your statum corneum is. It’s also know as the horny layer. I learned all about this, especially in our skin project in Zone 3. Which by the way – I aced.

What about the others? A simple google search can turn up information for you about these ingredients. But you can also read up on Dermagist Ingredients (by clicking that link).  I also would say to make sure that you connect with them on Facebook if you want to ask any questions or interact with the brand.

Do I recommend this product? You betcha.

Will it work for you? Who knows. Research and try it out.

And to be 100% honest — I’m curious to try out more of their products because of the success I have had with this one.