Denizen Jeans – From Levi’s

I love jeans. LOVE them. But I am picky about jeans. I have to wear a fit that isn’t just flattering to my shape, but that I am comfortable in. I get that all of you are shaking your head going, yeah well me too. But I’m Brittany. I’m a bit of a special girl. You know what sells me on must have women’s jeans? The butt. Yup. I said it. The butt. I got a back end that goes on for not only miles but probably years. I am proud of it too. I haven’t been exercising twice a day for nothing!

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to toss my big girl jeans. I have lost 20+ pounds and a couple inches. Those jeans hanging in my closet only seem to be a bad reminder of what I don’t want to look like again. And this is about my self esteem or outward appearance. This about the fact that I let myself go. I let myself sink into a place that I wasn’t happy. I am fully capable of looking and feeling hot and well I’m not afraid to get there anymore. We should all get there. And yeah it takes time. So ditch the duds that you don’t want to be fitting into anymore and move!

So now that my closet is cleaned out and I need new jeans I figured Denizen Jeans (From Levi’s) was the perfect place to start.

levis denizen

Levi’s launched their new dENiZEN brand of jeans in July 2011 and they areavailable exclusively at Target for boys and girls (sizes 4-16), women, and men, and range in price from $17.99 – $29.99.

So you want to know what they are like and what you can do with these jeans right?!

Comfort & Durability: They are comfortable. The jeans I got have a bit of the stretch feel to them added to the jeans. In a way I like that but in a way I don’t. Reason being is, durability. I have come across jeans with the stretch quality to them and with my country girl lifestyle, they don’t hold up. I tear them up within weeks and they shred away in my wash. So far these have been impressive.

Look: I love the way I look in these jeans. No lie. I’m pretty sure as soon as I put them on, my husband drooled a little. That’s a plus. Which means my backside was at it’s best. The style allows not only for you to not look like you are wearing hideous mom jeans but they have that straight line look that I just adore but refuse to get skinny jeans to have.

Versatility: As I mentioned about the style, they are great for the straight line, a up to date style and comfort. You can pair them like I easily have done with flip flops, boots or even your regular shoes. They are great accessory, not just a great piece.

All in all I’m pretty happy with these jeans. And here is my proof:

denizen jeans on

Even my smiling happy face! So head on over and check out Denizen Jeans — you just might find the right pair for you!

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