Deep Cleaning – Organization

Part of my routine when it comes to deep cleaning my house is organization. There is something very satisfying I feel when I get things put back in the spot they belong or when I find the right home for everything. If you read my Organizing A Blog post, you know I am about even the smallest things being organized. I just feel as though once organized, I can hit the spots I need to clean better.


Here a few tips and products that I use when it comes to my deep cleaning and organization process.

Kids Toys:

I’ve tried to actually sort and organize kids toys by what they are but they are kids. They are going to pull out a toy and just throw it in a toy box or bin not worrying about it’s correct spot. If mama says clean, they just pick it up and throw it in the nearest box.

So I buy these:

These are excellent because you can just shove the toys in there, close the lid and stack well in a closet.

For the girls’ hair stuff I actually went and bought some baskets like these:

I bought 3 to be exact. I hung them on the wall with these:

I used 2 per basket. Then hung the basket on these things and they stay perfectly with the wicker. I then separated the hair stuff. Clips, bobby pins etc in one basket. Head bands in another basket. Hair ties in another basket. It also looks nice hanging in the kids’ bathroom.

While I was in the bathroom, one of the biggest things that drives me crazy is Shampoo and Conditioner bottles. My kids love to just dump out all the stuff and then I am left with millions of bottles in the trash or bathroom. So I decided to get one of these:

I then bought bulk in shampoo, conditioner and body soap for the kids. Filled this sucker up, put the left overs under the sink and voila. Less mess and much more organized in the kids’ bathroom.

And finally for my last little tip of organizing is my laundry room. I have a million hangers and I always keep the plastic ones you get a Wal-Mart with kids clothes. Well I was keeping them in a bin and just hanging clothes up in the living room. I didn’t have any place for my hangers. So I went to the store and got one of these:

I hung under my wood shelf in my laundry room, right above the washer and dryer. Now I have a place to put my hangers PLUS I can hang clothes right out of the dryer.

What are some tips you have for organizing?