How To Do A Curly Hairstyle For Long Hair

I bet you have been dying for me to get more tutorials out there, especially now that I am in school. Honestly you are wondering what the benefit to you is when I’m in school right?! Well let’s get started on how to do a curly hairstyle for long hair. You can probably pull this off for a bit longer then mid length hair also. I would say any length that is past the shoulders.

curly long hairstyle


Products and Tools Needed:

Bumble and Bumble defrizz

Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode

Curling Iron (Marcel or Curling Wand) — your choice



Bobby Pins

Pin Curl Clips



How To Create Hairstyle:

1. Cleanse and condition hair normally. Comb hair out and then blow dry it straight.

2. Separate hair into 4 sections. Use butterfly clips if necessary to keep other hair out of the way.
3. Start in the back, working from your neck to about right before the top of your head. You will need to grab either 1×1 or 2×2 sections of hair. Coat the section you are curling with Spray De Mode. {Hairspray and has curl memory in it}.
4. To begin curling, you want to WRAP the hair around the curling iron and keep the curling iron close to the scalp. Work your way through the back of your head and attempt to do this in a brick lay pattern. Use the pin curl clips to secure the curls for added help, but remember to clip them to the base of the curl, not on top of it.
5. Now move to the side of your head. Section pieces of hair just as you did in the back (1×1 or 2×2 sections) but when parting to get them, do it diagonally towards your face. Then curl as directed in #4.  (Don’t forget the Spray De Mode)
6. Now move to the section of hair on top of your head. You should part this in to different sub sections. Begin with the hair towards the back first. Coat with Spray De Mode and curl as done above, but this time with these we are going to want to change direction. So the curls towards the back need to be curled towards left or right and the section in front needs to go opposite. See this pattern image for more understanding.
7. Now that the curls are secured and finished, give your hair a good coat of hairspray (spray de mode).
8. Next move back to the back of your head and take pin curl clips out. Separate each individual curl using defrizz and do NOT run fingers through. Once the individual curl is separated you will want to twist/twirl it in a spiral. Do this all over.
9. Now move back to the top of your head. Grab 2 sections of hair from the front of this section. (So like a 2×2 section of hair). Form a loop {in other words make it look like a medium size roller is in it} and secure it with a bobby pin. You are going to have hair left, don’t worry!
10. Work your way towards the right of your head, repeating #9. Secure this loop and then secure it to the first loop. You should have about 2 loops.
11. Next join the ends of the 2 loops and form another loop behind the first 2 loops. Secure.

(Do not comb any part of the curls)
12. Move behind the 3 loops grabbing a 2×2 section of hair and create a loop (#9) but go in the opposite direction of the previous loops. You can make this loop a bit “taller” to create the illusion of volume. Do this twice.
13. Move behind the loop in #12 and using the ends create more loops as you did in #11. (Remember these do NOT have to be perfect so allow the curls to flow freely within the loop)

13. On the left side of your head (on top) create one more loop. It will be the remainder of your fringe (bangs) for the most part. This loop will be on the side and not in the curl pattern (from image). Use the ends to create one last loop (#11).

14. Go to the very back of your head now (crown area) and grab a random section and create another loop. Leave the ends free.

15. Now take a section (2×2) of hair from the side (around temple area of face) and in a diagonal create a twist (loose) up towards top of head. Secure and leave the ends free. {You’ll want to twirl the ends and place them over loops on top of your head} Do this again right below it. You should have two sections from temple area to right at your ears.

16. Follow #15 but on the opposite side of your head.

17. On the back or your head grab a random section of hair (but aim for literally right at the back of your head). Now push it up and towards your scalp. (Like you’re bumping it). Best way to explain is grab the section, then about the length of three fingers down squeeze it together then push up and towards scalp. Then secure.

18. Go to behind your ear and grab about a 2×2 section of hair and direct it towards the back of your hair (where you just secured the “bump” portion) and pin it. Go right below that and do it again. And move back one more (should be at your neck area).

19. Go to other side of head and follow #18 again.

20. Now give your hair a once over. If you see any loose ends or curls that look out of place, pin them and balance the style out.

21. To finish — coat your hair with Spray De Mode