Creative Writing Mix Up

It’s been awhile again since I have done a creative writing post and to be quite frank I am losing my bursts of enthusiasm for the prompts. So to mix it up I am going to seek out better prompts that don’t require a huge thought process but rather allow for the creativity to flow. I mean really that is what it is all about right? A way to look at a sentence, a picture, a word and allow the creativity you harness inside to come out easier than normal? I really started this creative writing thing in an effort to gain back my ability to write posts without having to dig deep and find exactly what I wanted to post. I wanted to be able to just post something. So we are trashing the other prompts and bringing in some new ones. Mixing it up a bit.

So the plan is to give you a prompt and you blog about whatever you want and hopefully that prompt will, well prompt you. You can link up at any point in time during the week and next week I’ll give you another one. I too will still participate but no more bland and simple prompts. I use things that aren’t as simplistic anyways to inspire me, so why not share them.

creative writing meme

So this week I am going to post a quote. Write freely from it, about it or anything else that comes to you after you read it. What helps me most is when I try to find a quiet place for about five minutes and turn the quote over and over in my head or the prompt (if you will) until something hits the right spot that makes me have something to say. So here we go:

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
William James

My post will be up shortly with linky! Join in! I’d love to have you!


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