Creative Writing – It’s spring so I can’t

I’m early this week for the Creative Writing post. It’s some kind of miracle. And last week we were supposed to make an excuse as to why we aren’t working. Fairly simple considering all the things we can come up with huh? Well let’s get the show on the road and I’ll give you mine and next week’s prompt.

creative writing meme

My excuse is fairly easy and while my original intent was to say sorry, it’s spring, it’s just so beautiful out I can’t work; I instead had something much better hit me. Thanks to a reminder from a fabulous blogger, blue bonnets in Texas, I decided I can’t work because, well — It’s spring in TEXAS and I’m going to see the blue bonnets.


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I mean really. Look at that picture. I believe that is good enough excuse not to work. Anyone want to join me and use my excuse too?


Next week:

Come up with your own “get rich scheme”!

That should be fun!