Creative And Fun Red Hair

Creative And Fun Red Hair

This client came to me only wanting her color retouched and a trim. The cut was much more trickier than the color.

The formula I used for this spicy red hair is (Joico):

7RC + 8G + INC + 7FOR + 20 Volume Developer.

I did a retouch from base to mid-strand but made sure to pull through because of the length and I wanted to make sure that the it was an even color retouch with no variation and blending well.

before spicy red picture collage

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Now as I said the cut was a bit trickier. On the back of the head I did it uniform up to the occipital. I then pulled the left and right sides of the back to the center (convergence).

I did the left and right sides of the head in uniform also but over directing to the back.

For the crown and fringe, my client chose her desired length and I then over directed to the front length so that the fringe would be the shortest length.

To blend and take off the corners I used point cutting.  And I used my peanut around the ears to create that perfect symmetry she was wanting.

spicy red hair

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To style I merely added some Bumble and bumble Color Minded Styling Balm and “messed” it up a bit.