Creating A Mahogany Red Hair Color With Dimension

Creating A Mahogany Red Hair Color With Dimension

I have to start creating a portfolio for school. I am that close to graduating. My official graduation date is December 7th. So I figured while I was creating the portfolio for my school online with pictures I would go ahead and start showcasing them here too.

With Fall coming up I thought it would be best to start with a rich red/brown hair color that isn’t flat and has some dimension.

My client “Andi” came in with and existing level of 4-5, some highlights that were a bit gold and brassy and her existing level did have some warmth popping through. She wanted to go with the same color she had but she wanted more dark red, wanted the highlights refreshed, a trim and a nice style to showcase my work. So that’s what we did.

before hair color collage

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What I did:

I did a color retouch first.

Formula using Joico:




20 Vol

I then went through and did a retouch on the highlights using Joico’s Creme lightener and 20 Vol.

I then went back through again with




and pulled through “signature pieces” and after rinsing the color toned the highlights with





For the cut I did a solid form (trim) taking about 1-1 1/2 inches off, cleaning up the layers, using some slide and notch cutting and also cleaned up the fringe.

For the style I did a basic flat brush using Bumble and bumble Prep, Color Minded Polish Drops and finished with Brilliantine on the ends.

after picture collage

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