Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit

My kids have a love of creating things. I have totes after totes of craft things, colors, glue, scissors and more for them to make whatever they want to make. I try to control when they do this as usually it becomes a fight at some point but also a HUGE mess. And since they are kids, picking up after themselves is well – an unknown thing for them to do. They also love to write their own books. I did the same thing as a kid. I’m pretty sure my mom had boxes after boxes of the stories I created. I remember how I made them to with printing paper, crayons and scissors to cut the sides of the paper so the “pages” of my book would turn. I remember at one time in 3rd grade creating our own journals, I’ll have to write a tutorial about it, because it was quite fun!

Either way. Thanks to the help of some great educational toys – Growing Tree Toys, the kids had a chance to create their own pop-up books and I had a way to control how big the mess was etc.

popup book kit

This pop up kit from Creativity for Kids offered at Growing Tree Toys is a neat product.

Little writers and artists can use their imaginations to create the “next big” book series with the Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit from Creativity for Kids. While anyone may be able write a story, the Create Your Own Pop-up Books Kit gives kids the tools that, when combined with their imaginations, bring their stories to life with pop-up fun. The Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit features 2 high quality, hardcover pop-up books – one that measures 8.5”x8.5” and the other 6.25”x6.25” – and supplies to make their stories, including stickers, 8 markers, pop-up designs, illustrated instructions with story starter ideas, and step-by-step pop-up ideas. When kids use their imaginations to add their own drawings and photos, they will be amazed as their brilliant story comes to life and literally pops off the page with the Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit from Creativity for Kids.


  • Includes stickers, 8 markers, pop-up designs, illustrated instructions and step-by-step pop-up ideas to create 2 books
  • 2 hardcover books – 8.5”x8.5” and 6.25”x6.25”

It only came with 2 books so that was a bit of a downfall with my three kids. Luckily Dayton and Brodie both let Tristan color pages and join in with creating their books. The kids colored every single page, wrote their stories, added stickers and of course titled their book. Of course Brodie was a bit more creative with how she wrote and laid out her book – so I wouldn’t really recommend this for younger kids. While they will enjoy coloring etc on the pages the logistics of it is obviously lost upon them. Another issue we did have was constructing the “pop-ups”. I had to do this. None of them really understood how to and it’s a bit tedious. We ended up skipping over making Dayton’s a pop-up. Eeek. But he didn’t seem to mind as really they just wanted to color and write a story. Dayton enjoyed that part of it because he is a VERY imaginative little 6 year old.

All together though it’s a fun craft to do with kids and if you are seeking a more controlled and creative craft to do with them, you should definitely check it out.