How To Create The Smokey Eye Look

I thought I would share with you how to create the smokey eye look. This is a very basic smokey eye tutorial for beginners. I did it with violet hues, but any color can and will do. Just follow these simple steps.

What you will need to create the smokey eye look:

Light or Pale Eyeshadow – ABC Gum or Midnight Cowboy would be fun.


2 Eyeshadow Shades (1 dark, 1 lighter than it’s counterpart) : Pixie is similar to what I used.


How To Create:

Cover entire eye with light or pale eyeshadow.Be sure to also line the eyebrow with this color.

step 1 smokey eyes
Then sweep the eyelid from the bottom part to right above the crease with the lighter of the 2 hues. At edge of eyelids near sides of the face, sweep up towards eyebrow.

step 2 smokey eyes


Next use the darker of the 2 hues and sweep along the center (crease) of the eyelid. Start from near the nose to the outer edge and lightly sweep up towards the eyebrow also.

step 3 smokey eyes


Notice the darker hue and two lighter hues and how the accentuate one another.

Next use the eyeliner on the edge of your eyelid (following the shape of your eye and lashes) from center to edge. Then use a small brush (blush styled) to dust the eyes and outside the eyes. Be sure to SWEEP UP.

final steps smokey eye


Then finally add your mascara to the upper eyelashes. Start from bottom then go up and if you need a bit of help blink while you are applying.

Final Finished Look – Smokey Eyes: This is just a basic tutorial, we’ll get better as we go.

smokey eyes front


smokey eyes side