Create An Inspirational Wall

Today I was feeling especially slumpy. It just didn’t feel like a good day and I couldn’t truly motivate myself even if I had to. I spend a great deal of time in my office. Not only do I work in here, it’s part my craft room and part where I go to do my makeup hair and be away from the noise of the rest of the house. So I sat looking at my office and I was annoyed. When I first decorated this office I was going for sophisticated, learning office. Yeah, well it seems drab. Horribly.

So I couldn’t take it anymore and headed to the store so I can grab some things and get my room looking like my room. Plus I wanted smelly good things. I keep my window open and with the air blowing in I wanted something to add to it.

So I decided to not only make an inspirational board but an inspirational wall. Just a small wall in my office that I can add quotes, sayings and pretty things that make me happy. To inspire me. Something that I can constantly add to and keep building on. Inspiration is never ending.

What you need to create an inspirational wall:

Glitter Foam Sheets

Foam Glue

Thumbtacks (Clear)

Hallmark Encouragement Style Book


How To Create Inspirational Wall:

Flip through the book and cut, tear whatever pleases you; the sayings etc that speak to you. That you deem inspirational. Then glue them onto the foam sheets with the foam glue. You are going to need to let them dry awhile. I say about 2-3 hours. Then grab your thumbtacks and place them on whatever wall you want in any pattern. You can keep adding to the sheets. You can even keep adding to the wall by buying new sheets etc. You don’t have to use the glitter, but I wanted something bright and shiny and glitter is the name of that game!


How My Inspirational Wall Looks:

inspirational wall



  1. LOVE this!! I’ve got a dream board right in front of me and I swear by it!

  2. ya know as we were talking yesterday it hit me that I never made one of these and I wanted to for the very reason you state. I need something every day to look at to remind myself why I do what I so and where it will lead me. I need motivation daily!