How To Create An Inspiration Board

Some people call it a vision board, dream board (or other names), I call it a inspiration board. A way to keep the things I love, want, make me happy, inspire me etc all in one place and near me. Near me, as in, in the place I am at the most = my office.

So what do you need to make an inspiration board?

Large Framed Cork Board (or smaller if you like)

Pictures, Magazines, Fabric (whatever things you like)

Tape, Glue, Thumbtacks (your choice on how you want to attach to board)

And any markers, paint, stickers etc you want to use to decorate the frame of the cork board

How To Make:

Easy – it’s a collage. Your collage. Of all the things you like. The things that inspire you. You don’t have to be perfect with the cuts and tears. You don’t have to arrange them perfectly either. You just want to look at it or glimpse at it and remind yourself of the things you love!

Here is mine:

inspiration board

It’s got colors, makeup, style, places, people, words, quotes anything I could think of that just is ME!


I created this Inspiration Board as part of my Office Makeover and also made an Inspirational Wall!



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