Create An Americana Inspired Bathroom

I have this little affliction with Americana, patriotic themed home decor. I have my living room decorated with some Americana pieces, some classic baseball pieces and a bit of retro thrown in there.

vintage gas station

This picture. It’s a good image for what inspires me for my living room decor.

So back to my bathroom. The bathroom is a much easier room to start out with because obviously, it’s smaller. And you really need to have a general idea for the types of colors you are going to want to incorporate for the Americana theme. I realize the most obvious choice is red, white and blue. But do you want to go bold with any of the colors? Do you want a neutral and maybe aged look?

That is what I did. I went with the Americana aged look. The colors: red, white, blue and brown. I went with brown to bring the aged and also to bring in some country charm to the theme. The best places to find pieces for an Americana inspired bathroom is to start at thrift stores like Goodwill. Yes. Goodwill. Let me show you why:

americana bathroom

In this picture the good portion of the decor is from Goodwill.

Shower Curtain: Goodwill. Washed before using.

Shower Curtain Hooks: Ebay (Click on the link to see what they kind of look like)

Candles & Basket on Toilet: Goodwill

Americana Wall Hangings: Goodwill

Towel Hanger: Hobby Lobby (Click here to see what I used)

Linens & Rugs: Dollar General

It’s very easy to incorporate these types of pieces into this theme. Anything that are the colors you want or even have that Americana feel to them are so easy to use. The basket on the back of my toilet is filled with old star candles that are little and once were probably gold, but now faded so they have a bit of rustic charm to them. Get even more creative. I found Christmas Tree decorations that were blue bandanna stars, white shabby chic stars, silver aluminum ones that said peace and hope. I also used a little creamer looking jug {image below} for the cup. Found a soap pump for a kitchen that is red, white and blue with apples. Then I found a box type thing {image below} and I’m not sure what it is used for, but we now use it to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Hitting up thrift stores or even vintage stores you are bound to find treasure that will fit perfectly into the room you are decorating. I used a red, white and blue basket as decoration piece and filled it will like colored towels that I rolled up.

A little soap and water can go a long way in making these piece really fit the inspiration you need for your Americana (or other themed) room!

americana accessories


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