Create A Dress Cake

When Brodie told me she wanted her birthday party to be centered around all things fashion my mind started reeling on how I could pull it off, especially when it came to the cake. I sat down and let my creative juices flow and I created birthday invitations for a fashion party, but how was I going to make a cake? I thought that I could make a square cake and make them look like gifts. Then I could just decorate the cake with shoes, jewelry etc. But that just didn’t seem like a great idea.

Well one of Brodie’s many talents is the ability to design dresses. Yup. That’s my girl. She has notebook after notebook of drawings of dresses. So it struck me, how fun would it be if I had her help me. So I had her draw a outline of a dress on a piece of card stock. I cut it out and that was going to be my template for the dress. Now as a quick warning, before you jump in thinking – wow perfect – this particular cake I made will feed about 15-20 people give or take. So if you are planning a large party, maybe make cupcakes to supplement or find another style of cake.

Here you go though, how to make a dress cake for fashion party!

dress cake

What You Will Need:

Edible Flowers For Cake

Whipped Icing Mix (Or if you browse my recipes I will update soon with a homemade recipe for this and a link to it)

Pink Sprinkles

Pink Sparkle Gel (I used white also)

Items also needed are:

13×9 cake pan, parchment paper, icing spreader, Red Velvet Cake Mix (or your choice mix and ingredients needed to prepare cake) and knife to cut design of cake.  And cake template that my daughter will create and I will post later.

How To:

Prepare the icing and cake mix. Follow the instructions of the icing (you may have to chill) and bake the cake. Set the cake to the side and let it sit. I waited about 2 hours and let it sit in the refrigerator. Once it is ready, cut the design out of the template (will be provided later) and lay it on top of the cake. Use your knife to cut the cake (around the template). You can keep the sides that you cut or just throw them away. Then ice the cake with the whipped icing. Then decorate it with the gel, sprinkles and flowers. Like the picture above and below, your finished product may look similar to that. I did put the cake in the refrigerator over night or up to 4 hours prior to serving!

dress cake


  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Very cute cake. Smart idea for the girls that love drawing fashion dresses and such.


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