Crayola Glow Station – Review

I got the honor of reviewing, not 1, not 2, but 3 products from Crayola.

All 3 products came right before Christmas, so I got double use out of them.

The first product, was a Crayola Glow Station.

It is for kids ages 6+ , so I let my oldest who is 8, have her hand at it. She was so very excited to to try it out. She loves coloring, writing, drawing and the fact that it glows only made the deal sweeter.

We had a little issue after we got it open, the was a sticker directly on the side that glows in the dark and you draw on. It was a little difficult to get off, but after we did, she was on her way to some fun.

She headed to the bathroom first, to test out its “glowing” ability. An hour later, they emerged excitedly, it worked!

The other side of the glow station canvas can be used for dry erase marking and comes with a dry erase marker. That just pleased her and she was consumed with this thing for hours.

We now have it hung up in her desk area, in her room and she uses it as her own little “black board”. She loves to teach her little brother and sister, this just gives her a “glowing” canvas to do so!

Here is a little information about the Crayola Glow Station from Crayola:

The Crayola Glow Station takes creativity to where you’d least expect to find it—in the dark! By moving the light wand either on or near the glowing canvas, kids can create glow-in-the-dark art with strokes of light. Stencil sheets create space scenes complete with space shuttles, asteroids and astronauts, or a day at the zoo with gorillas and snakes. The innovative light texture sheets reveal cool textures like spider webs, river rocks and 3D animal patterns with swift swipes of the light wand. The sky’s the limit when kids’ imaginations get ignited and they experiment with layering texture sheets with the stencil sheets to give their drawings an even more lifelike look.

Kids can draw images by pressing the innovative light wand directly onto the glowing canvas or create funky shadow prints by placing an object on the canvas and waving the light wand above it. The Glow Station also features a plain acetate sheet and black dry-erase marker that serves as a blank, reusable canvas for transferring original works of art onto the glow board. To keep mom content and kids creating, the Glow Station is equipped with a compartment for the light wand and crystal tip, a pocket for smaller stencils and hanging posts for larger ones, so all the Glow Station accessories stay organized and in one place.


The Glow Station includes: a glow-in-the-dark poster-sized canvas, a light wand with removable crystal tip attachment, 2 stencil sheets, 13 stencil “light resist”sheets, 2 light texture sheets, 1 blank acetate sheet, 1 dry erase black marker, and requires 3 AAA batteries.


So would I recommend this product to buy for you kids? Absolutely! My daughter has more than enjoyed the Crayola Glow Station. Even my husband and I have gone into her room to doodle on the thing! Another fun, absolutely kid friendly product from Crayola!


We give it 5 G’s!!!!

So where can you buy it from?

The Crayola Store of course!

The Crayola Store
– link to item

Keep an eye out I will be giving one away soon enough!!!!!