Country Western Charm Home Decor

If you are like me, your home while lasting longer then a year (or more) is temporary to the ultimate goal of gettin’ back to the country. Back to your roots. So to bring a little back home, into your house, you turn to decor. One of my favorite things about the Country Western “Charm” home decor is the down home comfortable feeling and the many pieces that you can play with and integrate into it. You don’t have to stay streamlined with color or one style — you can mix and match as your hearts desire. Normally this decor run with bold and earthy colors and rich fabric like velvet and of course throw in leather.

Much like your own fashion style, this country western home decor style, should reflect you and your personality. But again, it’s versatile and there are pieces that can be easily incorporated but also match with every single personality. For instance;

turquoise dream


This piece from NatInDesign is a perfect blend of bold, earthy and encompasses all things country western charm.

mason jar candle


This candle from True Texas Scents is a must, why, Mason Jar. Mason Jars are always great pieces.

accent pillow


Accent pillows stay true to their name and provide the perfect accent. These ones are beyond amazing from Lizzy And Me.

bold rug


Throw in a bold rug that you may think will divert attention of the room, but really it will add charm and reflect you.

Now top off the entire idea with something large, outstanding and magnificent like this piece from LoneStar Western Decor.

outlaw sofa



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