Constructive Playthings New Toy Catalog – Got Mine!

Being one of the Constructive Playthings Mom Bloggers is rewarding on MANY different levels. My family and I get to learn about a wonderful brand, their products AND get to share with you all things Constructive Playthings.

Right now I want to share with you the FREE TOY CATALOG that you should (NEED TO) get! When I say free, I do mean free.

The front of the catalog looks like this:

free toy catalog

This catalog is extremely easy to read and flip through. It’s well laid out so that the toys are separated and EASY to find. Which is HUGE. About midway through the catalog is a the ordering form and information, making it easy for you to get your toys! My kids had me take pictures of some of their favorite pages, but I will have to be honest about something here….after going through the catalog with them, we have birthday and Christmas lists coming out our ears. As a fair warning these pictures are quite blurry because what fun would it be to show you all the Constructive Playthings goodies?

contructive playthings toys

As an awesome reminder….by clicking the button below, courtesy of Constructive Playthings¬† and me you can get 15% Off your order now!!!!!

Constructive Playthings Parent / Family

So head over, get your FREE catalog and order your toys with the fabulous discount!!!!!

Disclosure: I reviewed this catalog as part of the Constructive Mom Bloggers program. While compensated for the program, my opinion is mine solely.