College Student Needs

You think it’s a want and in some way they are but honestly, going back to school – college – isn’t the easiest thing. So I came up with a list of things a college student will need to make their days in school much, much more easier!

Apple iPad

I played around with one of these today and the eReader capabilities are amazing. And the notes app is even more amazing. The fact that I can read my school book, take notes and research on the internet is nothing but a positive. Plus it’s accessibility of being able to take it from school to home with ease is an even bigger plus.

Monogrammed Tote Bag

This particular tote is versatile and stylish. Both are what I am looking for as far as going to school wise. I can stick my binders, iPad and any other things I need inside of it. And to make it even more unique, I would definitely want my initials put on it.

Dooney & Burkey Wristlet

You would think this is a luxury, but it’s $45 at Zappos, and I can add my student i.d., credit card, drivers license, pens, pencils and keys to put in my tote and I’m on way to organization at school.

Any sort of supplies: paper, binders, highlighters, pens, pencils etc can always be found at Office Max.

Every student can use a gift card from Starbucks, coffee can keep us going.

Nike Shox for Women

If I am going to be on my feet the most of the day, running from class to class or standing on my feet in labs – these are the shoes I need to keep me and my dogs comfortable.

And last but not least every student needs one of these to keep themselves organized and if you are like me with children, to keep the entire family organized.

myAgenda Day Planner

Look for my posts about stylish but comfortable outfits for the college student and watch me get even more techie with the stuff us college students needs.