Canyon Lake Arizona

11 years Brent and I have been together and the one thing we have NOT done is camp together. I know. Gasp! When I was a kid my Mom took us camping everywhere. We would go all the way to Minnesota or just camp around the state of Arizona. I wanted to do this with my kids too. Some of my greatest memories are camping with my family as a kid.

Coleman contacted me a few weeks ago giving me the opportunity to check out some of their great camping gear. I was so excited. It was the perfect opportunity to gather the Greer troops and head to a nearby campground to spend some time outdoors with the family. And it was NOT going to be the first time either!

Brent and I decided to hit up Canyon Lake Marina and Campground near Tortilla Flat, Arizona. Canyon Lake is only an hour drive from our house in Queen Creek. We packed the gear that Coleman provided for us:


We got a Air Mattress, Ice Chest, Sleeping Bag, Jugs For Drinks, Tent and Lantern. When we got to the Campground the kids took off in a flash to check out the lake. The camping site we paid for was only $35 and we got a table, water and electricity. Plus obviously room for our tent and it was a water front camp site. Super great price! The gentleman working at the marina that checked us into our site was not only friendly but a great help!

At Canyon Lake you have so many options for camp sites, there is a restaurant, you can rent boats, jet ski’s, ride the steam boat, eat dinner at the cantina and much more. There were portable showers too near the camp site for those tent campers like us! Lots of grass area, pets allowed and well the list could go on. So if you are in Arizona – check out Canyon Lake! You’ll love it!

Moving on though, while the kids were itching to swim, Brent and I wanted to swim with them – but we needed to unpack and set up camp first.

coleman tentThe tent was actually pretty easy to set up. Brent and I laughed because camping – well the tent is always the hassle and you hear horror stories or watch movies with horror stories of tent set up. I think it took us maybe 30 minutes at most to get the tent up. The air mattress is a queen and since we had electricity – we plugged it right in and blew it up. Now if you go camping somewhere that does NOT have electricity – come prepared with a back up plan to blow up the air mattress. Also we laid the air mattress down inside the tent then blew it up. We weren’t sure it would fit through the doors. I said it would, but Brent didn’t want to test my theories. I am not sure if there is another option to blow it up – so the particular air mattress is good for camping near electricity or using as a guest bed for a full house!

Back to the tent though. Super easy to set up and HUGE. It comes with a separator too inside. So you can make a “rooms”. It has 2 entrances so it makes a great day tent to for taking naps or for the kids to chill out if you go out for a day trip. The two doors also come in hand for air circulation. There is also this tiny little door at the bottom of the tent that I swear is for dogs. Brent says its for the kids. Ha!

The other great thing is the lantern. It takes 8 D batteriesĀ  and is GREAT light. BUT there are four sections that come apart from the base that are powered by triple A batteries. That way the kids can use a section to use the bathroom without the main campers losing lighting. OR you can separate them all in side the tight to give lighting to each corner of the tent etc.

All in all it was a fantastic time and we are ever so thankful to Coleman and Canyon Lake for letting us have this memory as a family!

canyon lake


  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    My hubster says “No more camping. I did enough of that in the Marines.” LOL.
    So, he’s only done it once in this marriage, so far at least.


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