Classy Home Decorating

When I moved into this new house, which I will post video of pictures soon of it, I wanted to decorate the extra room in here with style. I wanted this house while large to still be inviting and comfortable. But I didn’t want it to look like I had thrown some things up on the wall and called it day. Prior to my hiatus I was able to get a review with a fabulous company – Old Barn Rescue.

Here is where the problem lies though. I received a wall graphic from them. It was our name “The Greer’s” and then it said Established in 1999. It was in a beautiful copper color that matched my homes decor. I had the PERFECT spot for it right above my windows that looked out into our back yard and pool. I mean fabulous. If you look under their wall graphics/monograms their is selection that says “Family Monogram”. It’ has a beautiful design, etc. I can’t stress enough how beautiful and fabulous these are. Truly I was in love with them item.

I digress. I was moving in, hanging pictures etc as I go. The previous tenants had taken the liberty of painting this house in NON neutral colors in some of the rooms. Along with doing other various “home decorating” and the owners were not pleased. Nor were they pleased with my monograms I suppose. I had hung it. I had gone to get the kids from school. I was about to take a picture when they landlords ask that I remove it or “paint” over it. I’m assuming they thought it was paint. I explained it wasn’t but they said the ONLY modifications I can make is hanging a picture (nail, tack, etc). I cried foul – but alas they have the last say.

BUT…to make a point that has nothing to do with my landlords – if you are look for some easy classy touches to your home, you must check out Old Barn Rescue. They have wall graphics and upcycle home decor. They encompass my entire home decorating style. Classy, shabby, comfortable. I can’t explain I’m not a paid home decorator. I didn’t go to school for one. But their products sure do make me look like I did!

Check them out! And let them know I sent you!

*As a side note this is really not a sponsored or paid post. And while product was provided, as told it didn’t really work out in my favor due to home owner complications and nothing to do with this company. While this may seem like a puff piece it is my honest truth that this is a fabulous company with fabulous products. Do your homework first prior to purchasing.


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