Christmas Beauty Products

One of the best things about any Holiday (as you noted with my Halloween posts) are the changing of colors, scents and the limited time collections of beauty products. During the fall months most stores (including places like Starbucks) offer those timeless and popular things like Pumpkin Spice and you see orange everywhere.

With Halloween days away the Christmas holiday is on everyone’s mind. To shopping for gifts, to baking and of course here at SB – the beauty products. I can’t ever decide what is the one I look forward to most when it comes to the beauty products – Christmas or Halloween. They both offer delicious scents and tantalizing colors. In the end the summer months and Holiday’s are always my favorite – but who doesn’t look forward to pumpkins, sugar plums and the sweet cinnamon baked aroma?

So let’s cover some hot beauty products this Christmas!

bath and body works christmas

This is only one of my favorites out of all the Bath & Body Works Winter Collection. I always look forward to any holiday with this brand.

philosophy holidayHere in the area where I live in Arizona we are people from the Valley. Up north, in the high country, they experience the breathtaking seasons while we swelter away in the hot sun. And if you want to remember the best part of seasons, go with the beauty products at Philosophy that they offer in their holiday collections. Snow Angel? Yes Please!

lush holiday

And if you just aren’t into angels, go fairy with Lush’s Snow Fairy lip tint. Oh, but Lush has more than one in their Holiday Collection. Go see for yourself.

smashbox holiday

The colors, oh the colors. Even makeup collections make beauty junkie’s like me sing in delight. Smashbox has their Snappy Holidays to make you, well snappy.

Don’t fret my dears for I have more Christmas stuff to share with you and prepare you for the Yuletide.