Childhood Nostalgia

Maybe you don’t remember because you didn’t do it. But when I was a kid, me and my siblings grew up playing ball. We also grew up with a deep love and affection for baseball. I remember going to countless spring training games in Chandler but not to see the Brewers (who at the time played there) but to watch them play the Oakland A’s. That’s who we were fans of. Mark McGwire pre-home runs pre-alleged steroids. Jose Canseco before we understood he was a nutbag. Rickey Henderson.

It seems like when we were kids playing ball we had dreams of being in the majors. Girls or Boys. Didn’t matter. We wanted to be like Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth. We wanted to sit in the dugout and feel the joy of the big league games. And it seems like every night we were at the ball field for a game and if we weren’t there, we were watching my brother do BMX. So we had bikes and we had ball. But bikes is another remember this. This is about while we were playing ball the one thing we just had to have. Or least I did. I for one had to have a pretty glove, a red batting glove and Big League Chew Gum.

big league chew

Eventually I switched to the hard stuff, aka sunflower seeds. But don’t you remember the popularity of this gum? Takes me back.


  1. My brother used to love that stuff! LOL

  2. OMG I LOVED this stuff! So does Gabriel though. They still sell it!