Burn Update

I haven’t updated y’all in awhile on Mr.Greer and I figured I would let ya know how he is doing now.

A little over a week ago, before I went to NOLA, we went back in for a wound check at the burn unit. Which I am about to do a post about how amazing the burn unit is here in Arizona. But they got us right in, unwrapped his arm and were HAPPY with the results.

Brent finally said screw it and was hopping in the shower everyday and scrubbing off the bad stuff. Then he would come out, I would wrap it up and then he would relax. Apparently he did so well that they changed what is dressing’s were, gave us some stuff that is used for eczema treatment to help in the healing of the burn and sent us on our way.

By the time he was heading back to work he was massaging his arm and keeping the dressings off! It’s going to heal beautifully and with a scar but not as major as we had first thought. It’s hard to believe that we went from an icky icky arm that was bleeding to a nicely healed arm in just weeks!  He should have full range of motion also!

So great news on the Greer front!

Brent Greer


  1. SO glad he is feeling better!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    That is awesome news, especially the full range of motion. Burns can really mess that up over joint areas.