What Bumble and Bumble Product Should I Use?

Last week at school we got to do Cleanse and Condition PK on Bumble and Bumble products. PK = Product Knowledge. We made some pretty amazing posters and got some great in depth knowledge on Bumble products and then presented to our classmates.

The idea behind this exercise was for obvious reasons – being knowledgeable about amazing products to recommend them to clients. And now I get to share this with you. We are going to cover the 4 basic and well known shampoo and conditioners from Bumble and who should be using them! Are you ready to find out what Bumble and Bumble product you should use?

Let’s start with the Seaweed Condition and Seaweed Cleanse.

bumble seaweed


This product is recommended for those with fine hair. Men. Kids. You can use it daily. It’s a pretty basic shampoo and conditioner but the sea weed does help repair the hair. It’s not recommended for those with coarse, dry hair and really not the best Bumble product for those with color treated hair. It is fantastic for a good clean and it smells fantastic. Some said it does smell a bit like their product – Prep.

Next up is Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner.

bumble thickening


Bumble Thickening is great for those with very fine hair and for those who want oomph! I’m going to say it’s not one of the best daily cleanse and condition products but it won’t harm it either. Again this is going to add oomph. With the obvious name of Thickening – think thick!


Now let’s talk about Creme De Coco Shampoo and Conditioner.

bumble creme de coco


Creme De Coco is what we like to call a vacation for your hair. It smells fantastic and if just like a vacation it’s not an everyday occurrence. It’s great for dry or dull hair. It’s great for very coarse hair. But it is oil based so that is why only once a week or less. It’s going to give you that shine and moisture your hair may be lacking. But again – a fantastic product!

Now let’s talk Gentle and Super Rich from Bumble.

bumble gentle and super rich

Gentle and Super Rich are products for everyone. Honestly. They smell fantastic and have a ton of benefits. But it’s best for everyday use by those with color, coarse, etc hair. It’s going to restore shine and help detangle. Gentle and Super Rich again – for everyone!


Have more questions – ask!