Best Budget Hair Shampoo

As much as we would all like to throw down the credit card or debit card and purchase salon quality hair products, it’s not always feasible. Especially during these time and now that Christmas is around the corner. And yes for the most part the quality of hair care products is usually reflected in price. But I have not always been the one to afford the high end products. I have had to scrounge up pennies to pay for things. So my experience with a beauty budget is there and I am here to share which hair shampoo’s are the best for a tight budget.

One thing to read over before we go on is Beauty On A Budget and Hair Care Tips. Both will provide you with some insight and hopefully help make the purchasing of shampoo much easier.

So here are my top hair shampoo products that are inexpensive and good quality.

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1. Pantene

Generally priced around $5-$6 a bottle, Pantene for the longest time was my go to shampoo for my hair care needs. They offer a wide variety of shampoo to fit your hair type and texture.  And if you keep an eye out, you can normally find that they have coupons too!


2. TRESemme

TRESemme has been another for my go to shampoo. And I still purchase the larger bottle for my kids. They too have a wide selection and I think I’ve seen coupons floating around before. The bottles run around $3-$5 a piece.


3. Herbal Essences

If you’ve read any of my posts you know that I have recommended a ton of their products. I love Herbal Essences from the variety to the smell and quality of their products. I have seen coupons floating around for a ton of their products. And a bottle of shampoo usually runs around $3-$5.


4. Garnier Fructis

Much like Herbal Essences, I recommend a ton of their products. And I actually recently purchased their shampoo and conditioner for my hair. They too have a wide selection and again coupons! Their cost for a bottle of shampoo is about $4-$6.


5. Head And Shoulders

I choose Head and Shoulders for their quality, selection and because you can get a 2-1. I purchase this mostly for my family – but during the winter I love using them. I can’t tell you if I have seen coupons or not but I do know a bottle of  just shampoo runs around $5-$6.


Do you have a great budget shampoo? Share with me! These prices are a general estimation taken from large retailers (Wal-Mart) and my vary from store to store.


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