Bucket List

There are things I will and must accomplish before my days are over. I’m not sure if accomplish would be the correct word that I should use but it is the one I am using. So here are my things I want to do. Will do. And have done.

  1. Visit Every Professional Ball Park in the US.
  • Chase Field – Arizona
  1. Watch A World Series in Yankee Stadium

  2. Watch A Yankees – Boston series at Yankee Stadium

  3. Meet at least one New York Yankee

  4. Stalk a celebrity or two.

  5. Try numerous food cuisines (minus the pizza, burgers, salad types.)

  • Thai Food
  • Mexican Food
  • Chinese Food
  • Italian
  1. Try authentic food cuisines in their place of origination.

  2. Go to London

  3. Go to France

  4. Go to Italy

  5. Visit all 50 States but spend enough time to see significant and important places inside state.

  6. Visit Puerto Rico.

  7. Meet at least one person from every state (born to that state) and become friends with them. Long time friends.

  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • New Mexico
  • Alaska
  1. Walk 1 mile everyday for a month. 2 miles everyday for a month. etc.

  2. Sleep on the beach in California.

  3. Sleep under the stars in Alaska.

  4. Go on a cruise.

  5. Write a memoir.

  6. Grow my hair out and do not dye it for a full year.

  7. Go a week without cursing.

  8. Take a spa weekend at a real spa.

  9. Attend Coachella.

  10. Attend Bonnaroo.

  11. Live in a plantation style home in Georgia.

25. Finish my degree to become a DR.   (On Hold)

  1. Perform my first surgery. (On Hold)

  2. Save a life.

  3. Give life.

  4. Re marry Brent with the wedding we always wanted.

  5. Own an Ipad.

  6. Own a new off the lot vehicle of my chosing.

  7. Spend $500 on myself in clothes.

  8. Go to 5 major concerts in a year.

  9. See Dane Cook live.

  10. Go to a Nascar race.

  11. Attend a Tennis Match. (pro)

  12. Attend a Golf Tourney (pro)

  13. Ride a super scary roller coaster.

  14. Visit every theme park in the US.

  • DisneyLand
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • Sea World San Diego
  • Astro World
  1. Buy a giant sectional. (I bought a new sectional a few months back but it’s not the type I was thinking. I was thinking, this sectional couch.)

  2. Buy a king size bed.

  3. Visit 50 B & B’s.

  4. Stop smoking.

  5. Learn to walk and wear heels.

  6. Watch a movie a day in a full year and chronicle it.

  7. Do a random act of kindness once a day for a full year.

  8. Watch someone I know give birth.

  9. Take my kids to Disney for their birthdays.

  10. Buy organic for a full year.

  11. Buy a giant brand new dining room table.

  12. Have a house with my own office.

  13. Visit hospitals to find one hot doctor.  Not a hospital but TWO DR’s offices…TWO hot DR. Whoosh!

  14. Go to every pro football stadium and watch a game.

  15. Attend the pro bowl.

  16. Attend the Super Bowl.

  17. Attend the All Star Game.

  18. Bake an awesome cake from scratch. I did it! My fabulous cake from scratch. Still want to do from scratch with flour, sugar etc.

  19. Make an amazing steak. (Brent has done this!)

  20. Save 10k in a year without spending it.

  21. Read a book a week for a full yearReading a book a day for a full year: 365 in progress.

  22. Take pinup pictures.

  23. Lose 5-6 pounds a month for a full year. (I’m Close To This!!!)

  24. Get dermatological facials done.

  25. Dance classes.

  26. Follow through with my dream when I was 15 of cosmetology school after working in so many salons. (Close To This Too!)