What Are These Hair Brushes For?

I did a quick run down of what hair brushes and combs you should have, but I didn’t really go in depth with their purpose. Now I’m going to do that. Hopefully the explanation of each of these will help you understand the purpose and usage of them and in turn help you in making the correct purchase of hair styling and care products.

air forming brush

We are starting with air forming brushes. These brushes are air forming or vent brushes (i.e 9-row) allow the greatest air flow to the hair so that the lengths of your hair can be dried quickly and help when styling your hair. So if you are using a blow dryer and air forming brush, your hair will be getting dried quickly as you style it the way you like.


round brushes

Round brushes are best for volume and giving you a curled look. Whether you are flipping your hair up or under. The round brushes with metal interiors retain heat and help strength the curl when blow drying.


cushion brush

Cushion brushes are known by soft, padded base and usually a nylon bristle. They are used on dry hair to backbrush, smooth the hair or “relax” a hairstyle. How many bristles and how long they are will have an impact on the surface appearance of your hair.


hair combs

Now here are the combs. Most of these combs are going to be used for distributing the hair for stylists. But they can also help with detangling, back combing (teasing), cleaning prior to shampooing and smoothing.

large comb

I advise using the above comb on your hair instead of a brush at all times. ALL. Whether it be before or after shower. Prior to styling. You name it. A comb needs to now be your best friend. If you are afraid of using just a comb invest in some fabulous detangler like Tonic or Prep from Bumble and Bumble. They will help break down products in hair, obviously detangle, refresh and infuse your hair with vitamins.

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by the choices in brushes and combs. They all serve a major purpose and they all have great use but you need the very basics for everyday styling. But again – ditch the brushes and become best friends with the comb. Use your brush merely for styling and blowouts!

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