When and How To Use Bronzer

I’m not exactly going into a detailed how to on bronzer because the actual application of bronzer is much like applying blush. The difference or really the similarity is WHERE to put it.

If you decide to use bronzer, which I am actually a huge fan of bronzer for contouring and highlighting, do not apply it like you would lotion. The keywords in that sentence are contouring and highlighting. That is exactly what you want to use bronzer for.


The whole idea behind bronzer is to, as I said, highlight. It will enhance a tan, enhance those with that beautiful dark skin and when you hear that word sun kissed glow — it’s highlighting. If you decide to apply it under your blush it will highlight your cheeks and the color of the blush.

You can add it to your forehead, nose and jawline to again highlight and give your face a sun kissed look.

But you can also use bronzer for saw as an eyeshadow. I actually recreated a look using bronzer as the base color or look I wanted to revolve around. It was one Audrina Partridge sported with very glam and amazing eyes. Read my Audrina Partridge – Get The Look Post.

The idea behind contouring is very similar to highlighting. Again the entire idea of bronzing. It’s to bring out those beautiful cheeks or to hide the fact that you might have a wide forehead. Bronzer though should never be used as an all over look or over done at all.


So what you should take away from this is:


Apply is similarly to blush. Sweeping motions that are going OUT.



Spring and Summer are always the greatest time to apply bronze as it will give you the sun kissed glow but can also enhance already tanned or dark skin.

To add highlights to bring out beautiful cheek bones etc.

To hide wider or larger areas or the areas you think are wide or larger. (Contouring)

As a subtle look but never MAIN look.



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