Bronzed Envy Review

It’s summer. It’s Arizona. Which means SUN and a lot of it. While I despise the heat here, considering 110+ degrees it’s not my ideal of “nice weather” or “outdoor weather”.  Yet with kids you can’t fight it. We are in the pool or outside doing something; so I am able to get a nice tan going. Here’s the problem, I like to have a sun kissed glow but I don’t want to have that icky leather skinned look and I truly don’t want to have increased chances of skin cancer.

But there are other options to still have that sun kissed skin without the bad parts. Bronzed Envy Airbrush Tanning.

I received the Bronzed Envy “Tan in a Can” to try out. I tried to get some pictures too of my skin…the whole before and after shots, but I won’t lie; my camera sucks so bad you can’t tell the difference! But there is a difference for sure! First things first though, I am going to recommend you exfoliate before using. Not because of anything wrong with the product but it’s ALWAYS recommended when using these types of tanners. Next thing, when you are spraying yourself do it a pretty slow sweeping motion. DO NOT do small squirts or RUB the product in. The squirts will leave bubbles and rubbing it in will leave streaks. The great thing about this particular tanning product is it is a SPRAY. Giving you an even covering.

Let me give you some information about Bronzed Envy and the “Tan in a Can” product.

Bronzed Envy:

Bronzed Envy is a Mobile Airbrush Tanning Service that comes to you. We provide the best and most convenient Airbrush Tan possible. Only the best products are used to achieve that beach bronzed look in minutes. We offer single tans, monthly memberships, package deal and AirbrushTanning Parties! We are often told how fabulous our Signature tanning solution is and how different it is from others. We will leave you with a simply divine beach bronze. The secret is in the Solution and we believe that is what sets us apart from the rest! We believe it is our passion of what we do and our desire to not settle on anything less than stellar when it comes to the products we use for your tan! Bronzed Envy’s motto delivers when it states, We are here to make you look good!

Visit to learn more about them and their products including buying them online!

About “Tan in a Can”:

tan in a can

It’s the next best thing to an airbrush tan! It will give you an instant tan/color right away AND also develops into a darker tan over the next few hours! This stuff Rocks and is a best seller!! Your very own jump start on Healthy looking beautiful skin!!! Smart Tan In A Can is great for touch-ups after you are airburshed or the next best thing to an actual Bronzed Envy airbrush tan.

Now I have one more thing to cover that I think you will absolutely love! YOU can start up your own Bronzed Envy Airbrush Tanning Business!!!! No joke!

bronzed envy business

Some brief information on this opportunity and where can find more information:

I can help you get your own Airbrush Tanning Business going!
My company Bronzed Envy has developed a system for high end airbrush spray tanning with just the right equipment and solution. I have spent my own time and money investing in perfecting this system through trial and error.  I’ve tested many different tanning guns and spray soltuions and have developed a system so you can focus on developing your client base, which is surprisingly easy to do!

There are a lot of inferior tanning products on the market that do not perform well.  There are also many different types of airbrushes on the market that either perform poorly or quickly fall apart which can completely shut your business down!

Start Your Own Bronzed Envy Airbrush Tanning Business!