Brittany Wishes

I thought, for a change I would post my wish list for my birthday. Which is April 22nd! I know, for a Mom it should be easy. But honestly, I’ve accepted the fact that I will not get a day without my kids fighting and acting like hooligans. Such is life.

So here we go-

  • My nails done. It’s been oh, 3-4 years since I’ve had ’em done. I miss my nails looking nice.
  • A pedicure. NEVER had one. I’ll take a cheap kit to do it myself even.
  • A new outfit for my birthday bash on Friday.
  • A month of tanning before summer hits in Arizona and I turn into a lobster.

I did want my hair done…BUT…my sissy came and dyed it. Brent paid for me to get it cut. So my hair is looking SUPER FAB thanks to 2 SUPER FAB people in my life!!!

So that’s it. My actually easy list. I’m not to picky am I?!?!?!



  1. MommaYoung says:

    That is a great list!

    Happy Early Birthday.

    My sister wanted to get me a pedicure, but I am so ticklish, I am afraid I will kick the poor girl!

  2. happy early birthday honey!!!
    go get yourself a pedicure! go to a professional place, with the messaging chairs. you’ll love it!!

  3. Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish says:

    Hey we might be able to get the rest of your list on Saturday….Goodwill is 50% off this Saturday and I think I got a text coupon from my little friends at the Salon by my house…who knows? May be a twofer!!! I love you and can’t wait for tomorrow!!