When Little Boys Say Big Boy Words

When Little Boys Say Big Boy Words

Dear Mini Miner Dayton – The Soon To Be Five Year Old,

Dayton 2008

I know us girls are very overwhelming. I can feel your frustration level when the girls start dressing up, playing make-up and convincing you to play “Marry The Princess” with them. I, being your Mommy, can understand that that can get old FAST. I know I am a girl, but I too tire of the dramatic fashionistas that are your sisters.

Girls can do that to you.

One day you will eventually actually like girls, this I promise you.

I’ve seen you “flirt” with your older cousin’s friends. Sometimes you are actually very funny (but naughty) trying to pull your pants down in front of them. I will tell your future wife that one day. I too will also tell your wife that you get your antics honest from your Daddy.

Asking girls if you can see their boobies, is naughty. Even if you do catch me running off to laugh really hard.

I know you do things just to get a rise out of me. Again, you got it honest from your Daddy. You do things for laughter or shock value out of me. I get it. When I say it is naughty though, I really do mean it. I do. If you see me smiling it’s a smile of love (not really I am being a naughty mommy and laughing).

You like to spend one on one time with Daddy to feed the testosterone level. To fish, fight and do “boy things”. I appreciate that.

You like to spend time with your Uncle P because he is 9 and he likes your kind of things. He has absolutely nothing to do with mermaids, make-up, princesses etc. I understand all that, even though I really miss you when you spend the night down there. I know Uncle P and you like to watch WWE. Then you two wrestle each other until the other one says Mercy or Uncle or whatever.

It’s cool.

It’s boy stuff.

But let me tell you, WWE teaches naughty things too. So please, even if it is the rise you are trying to get out of me, next time you are wrestling the stuffed Scooby-Doo that is bigger than you, after you pin him, please DON’T stand up and say “SUCK IT” to him.

I’d appreciate it.

Only because it is naughty and that’s a big boy word coming out of your mouth. It’s very shocking. VERY.

Plus there is not very many places I can hide and laugh uncontrollably at.


With Love and Hidden Laughter –

Mommy Miner