– Get your book on!

I start school in just a couple weeks. Yes only a couple weeks and then I will be immersed in collegiate stuff that I am sure at time will bore me to tears. At other times I’m sure I am going to be absolutely enthusiastic about it! I got an email the other day about a great site called, I have a feeling this site is going to prove to be invaluable to me over the next 500 years of my college education. If you want to skip ahead and check it out, How Does work?


A little information:, in its continuing effort to make reading more accessible, affordable and enjoyable, is announcing the launch of  The free swap site allows the reading community to trade their hardcover books, paperback books, audio books and textbooks online., the largest book rental service on the web has designed to be either a companion site to their rental service, or a standalone book swap site. will provide Booksfree members access to books, audio books, and textbooks that are not part of their rental service.  Both services compliment each other and members are incentivized to join both to meet all of their reading desires.

“Just as revolutionized the book rental business, the free membership will revolutionize the swap business model” says Doug Ross, CEO of

“Improvements in usability, notifications, postage, Booksfree tie-ins, and functionality, as well as not requiring any credits or direct swaps, will separate from the competition” states Bryan Stafford, VP of

The website has been open to members for several weeks.  “The site has gone through extensive beta testing” said Stafford. was the first member of, making hundreds overstock titles available to swap with other members.

Now go on, check it out! Maybe we’ll swap some books and maybe you have a school book I need!!!!!