I bet you thought it was my birthday. But it’s not. I still have 5 months and whatever many days. (I’m pretending not to actually count here)

Not but oh…a week or more ago I celebrated 2 birthdays.

1. Mr. Greer.


He turned 31. He thinks he’s old. I think he’s one hot old guy. If he’s old…I’m into older! That picture there…I took about a year ago when I wrote a blog post about him. He knew I was going to blog about him. C’mon we all get THAT look when we say…”Yes, It’s going on the blog!” Either way. Happy Birthday Sir Brently. Sorry you were in Alaska.

2. Dayton “Chase”

003 (3)

He turned 6. He says he’s old too. With girlfriends and the such. He pretty much still dresses like this. I allow it. He won’t ever really have girlfriends with that style. I can’t believe he turned 6. 6 people. S I X. 6. My babies are growing up. That means eventually me, I, am going to get old. Crap. Good news is, I’ll still be younger than Brent. Bad news, I’ll still be older than the 6 year old who thinks he’s old. Happy Birthday Chase!

Happy Birthday in The Greer 5 house, stop growing up – it’s just nonsense.

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  1. My baby will be 6 next mo. I’m going to be 31 in a few weeks. Yup, we’re old at my house too. Ok & the hubby is 40. (He’s ancient!)
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Fake Friends Need Not Apply =-.

  2. They are both pretty hot guys….
    you are one lucky woman. 🙂
    .-= The Retired One´s last blog ..Down by the Dock: Ducks!! (Part ONE) =-.