Birthday Invitations For Girls

While I was on my hiatus I threw to huge birthday parties. OK not exactly huge, but big enough. And I did all the planning, cooking, decorating etc myself. See, I did more than just focus on finances! But regardless, the two birthday parties I threw were for Dayton and Brodie. I was going to show Dayton’s but I don’t have ALL the pictures to show everything right now, so I will start with Brodie.

Brodie wanted a very girl and very fashion related party. She’s 10 and she loves fashion. She got a sewing machine for Christmas and a mannequin. I’m hoping she is our next Vera Wang. Either way.

I wasn’t sure how to go about this, but I sat down and let my creativity flow. So for the invitations I made purses.

girls birthday invitation

They were actually very easy to make and this is what you will need and how to:

Items Needed:

Card stock of various colors. I Ended up picking out Pink, Light Blue, Red, Purple etc. (girlish colors)

Pipe cleaners (I got colors that would match the card stock)


Decorative Scissors

Craft Glue (it sticks the best)

Glitter Glue (try to get matching colors but the gold and silver work fine)

Other items needed are a fine tip pen or a regular pen and white printing paper.

How To:

What I did is take two pieces of card stock paper in matching color, or you can even use different colors. I then put them together and cut the top out in a half moon style shape. (See picture above.) If you want you can round the edges of the paper with a rounded corner punch. A decorative corner punch would work just fine too. Again, your choice. I then folded the pipe cleaner in a half moon shape, and glued it in between the two sheets of paper. I also made sure to glue the two sheets of paper together. (use as much or as little glue as you like, but I was not conservative with so I new that they would stick together.)

Now set it aside. You can make a bunch at one time and set aside to let dry.

Take a plain sheet of printing paper and cut into a rectangle (or your choice shape). Make sure that it fits in the middle of the “invitation”. Then write on the paper the information about the party. Time. Date. Where. What. (you get the point)

For Brodie I wrote “Brodie Greer’s Fashionista Night”  — “In honor of Brodie turning the big 10, she is hosting the most fashionable sleep over yet. (insert information about party) Be sure to wear your best outfit yet!”

Now use your decorative scissors to cut the edges of the invite information paper. Then glue these onto the “purses”.

Once everything is dried, use your glitter glue to decorate the front side of the purses with the information.

And voila you are done!

If you want to make the invites even more fun, head on down and get flavored lip gloss to attach to the purses with a bit of ribbon. Or you can wait and use the lip gloss for goody bags! Stay tuned to learn how to make the fashion party a hit with the girls!


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