Being A Difference

It’s funny because when I picked the creative writing quote (prompt) I had a specific event in my mind that related to it. I thought it would be perfect to blog about. But then I walked away from the computer. I made myself a cup of joe and cleaned my kitchen. And it hit me that I had an entirely different event to blog about relating to this quote.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
William James

creative writing meme

Yesterday after I had gotten the kids from school I had to stop by the store to get a few things. As we were walking into the store a young girl had rolled down her window and said hi to her, with a wave. Brodie waved back then told me that the girl was one of the students in the class she helped with. I believe she still helps them just not as frequently as she used to. I had hurried her inside with the other kids because I am a get in the store and get out type of person. So I told her on our way out, if she was still there, to stop by the car and give her a better hello. She was. She did. She gave her a hug and told her she would see her tomorrow.

As we were walking away the girls’ mother walked up and across her face came a glorious smile. Which in turn made all four of us smile. And we all felt good. Because that is what making a person smile does. And that is what smiling does to you.

And when I let that quote sink into me just a bit more I realized the true meaning. That moment, Brodie hugging that girl, made a difference. Maybe not to that girl but to her mother. And it made a difference in us. For a moment two families were happy and smiling brighter than the sun. If you think about our wide world and all that is in it, it’s actually a magical thing to know that 7 people at the same exact time were just happy. Nothing more. Nothing less. Happy. Smiling.

Things do matter.