It’s not the beginning or the end

It’s never the beginning. The beginning is almost always exciting. You build up that anxious feeling from the excitement. Any little worries you may have at the beginning will pester you but eventually wear off. It’s thrilling because the beginning is new.

The end. The end is always a let down. You will say it was fantastic. You will be overjoyed that you did it. You quite possibly may even be proud. But it’s the end. It’s over with and too wears off.

three horses


It’s what is in between.

The freedom of taking that path.

The things you will see.

The things you will hear.

The things you will smell.

The in between will leave you breathless.

You’ll discover so many things about yourself.

You’ll stop along the way and graze awhile.

It’s every single moment in between the beginning and the end that count.