Beauty Style To Match Fashion Style: Part One

The ever so lovely and inspiring Danielle Hayes is doing a series on Fall Fashion Trends {What To Wear This Fall} and a light bulb went off. She is going to be bringing you her expert opinion on trends and style in Fashion all year long, but you just might be left wondering, how you pull off the complete look. I’m talking the hair, the makeup, the beauty style of it.

Recently she just highlighted the Cowgirl Fashion Style For Fall and I wanted to cover how you should wear your hair and makeup with this look.

This fashion style is going to be very classic but as Danielle puts it, it’s “traditional western elements meet rockstar appeal”. So here is how you should pull off the complete beauty side of cowgirl fashion.


If you read up on what fall hairstyles to watch for, you’ll get a basic glimpse of the styles that are going to be popular. Not all these styles are going to fit into our cowgirl fashion. A couple are time consuming and don’t really make sense. We are busy, we are gritty and dirty. Lip stick and beautiful hair is going to go a long way in how you feel but it often doesn’t seem viable to pull off out in the barns.  So what you want to pull off with these looks are the grunge style:

grunge hair

A little flat iron, a little texture cream and a braid thrown in makes this hairstyle easy to pull off with your lovely cowgirl fashion. If flat ironing isn’t in the books, well after washing and conditioning your hair twist it up into a bun at night. The next day it’s going to have light waves and if you add any products, add something like Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly to know for sure you’ll have wavy, voluminous hair the next day. And take note, if you are going to twist into a bun, pull all your hair back as if you are doing a ponytail, then literally twist the hair then spin up into the bun. The next morning all you may have to do is run some frizz serum through and get a little braid and you’ll be good to go!

Or go for the always classic ponytail. But read up on my Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorials so you can transform the infamous ponytail into something fabulous to match your fashion style!



If you read all about my fall makeup trends then you know what to expect for colors, how matte makeup is going to play a major part and that it’s all about timeless elegance. So with that in mind. Be sure to give your face a flawless matte coverage, go for smokey eyes {My Time Warp Style would be a perfect way to pull off eye makeup for you cowgirls!}, add some coral blush and soft pink lipstick and you shall be on your way!


Don’t forget to make your nails stay beautiful and lovely too and check out how to do that with Navy Nails For Fall! Stay tuned because Danielle will have tons of fashion coverage and I’m going to give you the perfect beauty look to match!