Beauty School Recap – Part 1

If you didn’t know by now, I have enrolled full time in Beauty (Cosmetology) School. I begun classes two months ago and I am only a small fraction into my education. My school breaks down the 11 month program into “zones”. Each zone consists of about 2 months (3 days a week, 10+ hour days) and totals for 6 zones. Of course it’s broken up a bit for the two major vacations we get: Christmas and Summer. That’s it. No spring break, no black friday. We (my zone or class) has test outs this week on Thursday and Friday and then we are off for our short (but it’s still something) holiday break. Then it’s back to the grind for 9 months of learning.

I thought after each zone I would come here and recap with you how it went.I probably will come back and recap my test outs with you too because this week we have 2 test outs and 1 is on our live models. Which is a bit nerve wracking. I have only been in school two months, I am no master stylist or colorist yet. But our live models are supporting our education and know that we aren’t pro’s yet, so that helps a bit with anxiety.

I digress.

So far we have covered the 4 basic and common techniques of cutting. They are what we will use forever in our careers and lives. What everyone uses. They can be combined with each other and our signature can be added to make each cut unique. We covered adding texture, dimension and so much more when it comes to cutting the hair. I am going to have to say that I am a bit of a cutting addict — I enjoy cutting and creating the most.

We have also covered color. Color was  a long chapter and we have covered all of color theory and basics to it. We aren’t into advanced coloring, but I think we are well on our way to doing great with it. For some reason color makes me freeze. I get a bit tense and nervous over color. There are a lot of things that go into coloring and prior to school (and with most normal people) color only involved purchasing a box at supermarket and adding it to your hair. But that is never going to be an option or a thought in my mind. With learning color theory, techniques and application, you realize all the mistakes you were making as a (non) cosmetologist. It’s really quite amazing.

We’ve covered quite a bit of styling options and techniques – including those that are from our partners in education like Bumble and Bumble. And that is one of my favorite things. Though I did struggle with the Marcel up until recently (Marcel – curling iron)  and had a slight melt down in school with it. Until I decided to sit with the heat off on the Marcel practicing over and over on our mannequin head. I finally got it and forced one of my educators to acknowledge and praise that I was doing it right. It was a bit of a childish moment but bless my educators heart for being patient, even if I am “that” girl and dubbed a weirdo. Hey, nobody likes a weirdo Brittany!

We’ve had our spats at school. Our moments of overwhelming emotion. Our celebrations of triumphs. We’ve made friends and we’ve become close.

These two months have been a full on experience of learning about ourselves and about the industry. In just two months. Two.

I’ve dedicated a full page to these experiences that will be updated as I go along with images, stories and more! Check out Beauty School and keep an eye on it always for all my updates!




  1. Growing up that’s what I always wanted to do. Never did it because for whatever reason I changed my mind, but in the back of my mind I always wonder what I’d be doing now if I had continued with that “dream”.

    Good luck with your zones and have fun!