Best Of Beauty 2011

As if I could really finish of 2011 without recapping the best of what this year offered beauty wise. Mind you though, there are so many things — that I decided to ask around and see what people were in love with. So here you go, a round up from some of my people on what they just couldn’t live without this year. Hopefully 2012 will be doubly amazing in the beauty department for us all!


Ag Girl Says:

Bare Minerals Makeup

— I agree. We learn makeup from Bare Minerals (they are a teaching tool in essence) and I used it long before I was in school. Pretty amazing stuff.


Pinup Chronicles Says:

Kat Von D’s Shadows and Make Up Forever HD Foundation

— I have yet to use the Kat Von D’s Shadows but I am DYING to. And her choice for HD Foundation is because of her amazing photo shoots and how high performance it is for that! So yes. I agree!


Pinterest sent me love with beauty lovers adoring nails I showcased in Sparkly Nails. So nail lovers unite — unique nails are the best!

unique nail polishCheck out The Guide To Unique Nails!

Some of my Eclectic Six ladies and I have talked. One agrees with me:

Mario Badescu Skin Care. Fabulous stuff.

And for me. My beauty product of the year:

Bumble and Bumble products. I couldn’t live without them this year and so glad I get so much education from them. They are amazing products for your hair and you MUST — MUST — try them out!

Happy New Years!



  1. I LOVE that nail polish! It’s my color. LOL And I’ve been using Bare Minerals for years. It’s the best make-up I’ve ever had.