Beautiful and Unique Pictures To Decorate Your Home With

When I realized I really had no decoration in my bathrooms I had to fix it. And I had tons of various pictures, different decor pieces, colors and towels but I had them unorganized and not laid out in style. So I went to work on my downstairs bathroom and created my Americana Themed Bathroom. But I still had my master bath to tackle and I wanted it and still do want it, to be a space that is very me and that I love. My husband can shower in a pink, green, yellow whatever bathroom. I on the other hand can’t find that relaxing when I’m in my tub. So I drew inspiration from a sign my friends had gotten me for my birthday that said French Quarter on it. I have a ton of pieces that go along with a New Orleans inspired bathroom.

Well to add more touches to my bathroom what I did was create these beautiful and very unique pictures from postcards. I had a few that I had gotten from past New Orleans trips and then my friends at Antique Sugar went ahead and gave me some they had too. I frame them and hung them in my bathroom and they fit perfectly. You can do it with any room in your house and even collage the pictures. But for the basics I’ll show you what I am talking about.

What you need is postcards or beautiful photographs. I am using postcards and a book that I am going to leave intact but the front cover is marvelous.

postcard decor

Aren’t the beautiful?!

Next you need picture frames that will fit. And you can mix them up or stay the same with the color and design of the frames. I like these shabby picture frames. They are perfect for my bathroom decor.

shabby picture frames


Then place them in various places on the wall that is not aligned or centered, make them off centered and mixed up and you can add accents around them like this:

artificial vine garland


It will create as I said, beautiful and unique pictures and decor for your home!